About Us


Noé Canales headed for Italy in 1991 in what would become life changing. He developed a love for the country and the rich heritage of the cuisine. The flavors of a potato soup with an over easy egg and white truffle still linger in his memory of one of the best dishes he has ever eaten.

Noé then returned to the United States to work in the famed BiCE restaurant known for their power lunches and unbelievable Italian flavors created by Chef Giovanni (Gianni) Scappin. Chef Giovanni recognized young Noé’s curiosity and moved him from the dishwasher to the food line within a year.

In 1993, Chef Noé moved to Cafe Milano under the direction of Chef Domenico Cornacchia to be a part of the opening team in a very successful kitchen and then joined him on the opening team of Duca di Milano in 1994. By 1995, Chef Domenico brought young Chef Noé with him to Las Vegas to open the revered Trevise La Scalla under the owner Franco Nuschese.

Luigi Diotaiuti’s Al Tiramisu was home to Chef Noé for more than seven years. As a Sues Chef at Al Tiramisu he developed his craft and skill for creating fine Italian food before moving to Restorante Tosca in 2002. Chef Canales became the Chef de Cuisine of Tosca under the leadership of Chef Massimo Fabbri and owner Paolo Sacco. It was there that he began dreaming of opening his own restaurant with the straight forward flavors of the Northern Italian cuisine.

Noé’s journey through Italy and through the kitchens of esteemed chefs have culminated in a wonderful expression of contemporary Italian cuisine and a dream come true with the opening of his first restaurant Tortino and now with the opening of his newest restaurant, Robiolina Italian Cuisine